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Every year hundreds of thousand people from all over world migrate to Canada temporarily or permanently under different programs. The Canadian immigration Law, Regulations and Policy is designed or changed benefit Canadian Labour Market and economy. To migrate to Canada temporarily or permanently is somewhat complicate and some time long process where you may need the assistance of a qualified Consultant or Lawyer. Our Lawyer can give you sound advice and assist you throughout immigration process. We will be with your right from assessment of situation till your smooth landing in Canada. Our Lawyer will evaluate your situation and give you right and honest advice whether you qualify for Canadian Visa. What program/visa is best suits your situation, explains you the whole process. We can assist you for the following visas:


    • Visitor or Tourist Visa
    • Super Visa (Parents or Grand Parents)
    • Study Visa
    • Work Permit
    • Caregivers Visa (Nany)
    • Extension or Restoration of Temporary Visa


    • Express Entry:
      -Federal Skilled Workers
      -Canada Experience Class
      -Federal Skilled Trades Program
    • Provincial Nomination Program
    • Family Class Sponsorship’s:
      -Spouse Sponsorship
      -Children Sponsorship
      -Parents Sponsorship
      -Grand Parents Sponsorship
      -Other Relatives Sponsorship
    • Self Employed
    • Start-up Visa
    • Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program
    • Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot
    • Business Visa (Entrepreneurs and Investors)
    • H & C Cases


Convention Refugees: People who are not in Canada but our of their country of Citizenship or country of their habitual country of residence.
In Canada Refugees: People who in Canada and does not want to return to their country of citizenship or habitual residence.


We represent all kind of Refused Cases before the following:

    • Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada
    • Immigration Division
    • Immigration Appeal Division
    • Federal Court of Canada
    • Detention Review
    • Deportation Order


    • Citizenship Applications;
    • Inadmissibility-Medical or Criminal;
    • Rehabilitation;
    • Misrepresentation;
    • Residency Requirement
    • Cancellation of Citizenship


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